Community Post: How To Live Like You’re Miniature

1. Sandwich Bed

Sleep in bready goodness. Just make sure you don’t eat the place where you sleep.

2. Ice Cream Sandwich Seat

Who hasn’t wanted to sit on an ice cream sandwich? In fact, most of us did when we were kids, just not intentionally. Unless you were a bit weird.

3. Fried Egg Rug

There’s something deviant about the idea of walking on a fried egg with no shoes on. I like that.

4. Book Seats

Now you can curl up on a good book with a good book. Nice.

5. Basketball Chair

If you’re a guy, this makes the idea of sitting on a ball so much better. Perfect for watching your sports in.

6. Cupcake Planter

If only you could fill it with cupcake plants that actually grew cupcakes, this would be the most awesome thing ever of all time ever. Ever.

7. Champagne Cork Tables

I want to drink the bottle that this came out of.

8. Pocket Watch Clock

You can pretend that a giant white rabbit is checking this and shouting about being late. That’s what I do. Often.

9. Floppy Disk Table

For you youngsters out there, this was once the height of technology.

10. Cotton Reel Table

it’s a giant cotton reel. Sew what?

11. Card Table

Play cards at a card table made from cards and it will blow your mind.

12. Working(!) NES Controller Coffee Table

This actually works. You can plug it into a NES and then play games using it. Mind=blown.

13. Flip-Flop Planter

It’s so much nicer when flip-flops smell of flowers instead of feet and sweat. This wins.

14. Boxing Glove Sofa

Ok, so make some strong alcoholic punch and drink loads of it. Then pass out on here. You’ll be punch drunk and K.O.’ed on a Boxing glove. Themed.

15. Baked Potato Beanbag

Sit in this and pretend you’re beans or coleslaw or bacon bits and pretend the butter cushion is melting onto you. Lascivious.

16. Notebook Duvet Cover

You can write on your duvet like it’s a giant notebook. Perfect for doodling on, or recording your terrifying dreams.

17. Pencil Sharpener Desk Tidy

It’s big enough that you can put a pencil sharpener inside a pencil sharpener, and then just freak out at the craziness of it all.

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