24 Super Bowl-Themed Crafts You Can Buy This Very Second

1. Ravens Apron

Buy it here.

2. 49ers Toffee

Buy it here.

3. Ravens Bathing Suit Bottom

Because swimming in February is the most reasonable. Buy it here.

4. 49ers Birdhouse

Birds is fans too. Buy it here.

5. Crocheted Baby Hats

Some Etsy sellers are wicked savvy and made products to support both teams. Buy these here.

6. Knitted Can Cozies

Sweet marketing, y’all. Buy them here.

7. Rotary Phone iPhone Docks

I mean I don’t I can’t okay. Buy them here.

8. 49ers Glitter Heels

Buy them here.

9. 49ers Toms

If the heels are just too much to handle. Buy them here.

10. Ravens Gift Box

Buy it here.

11. Kaepernick Jersey Earrings

Buy it here.

12. Ravens Wine Glasses

Buy them here.

13. Ravens Painting

ART. Buy it here.

14. 49ers Tissue Box Cozy


15. Ravens Hat

Real talk, this could haunt your dreams. Buy it here.

16. Ravens Ribbon Wreath

Say that five times fast. Buy it here.

17. 49ers License Plate

Buy it here.

18. 49ers iPhone Case

Buy it here.

19. Ravens Tutu

Available here.

20. 49ers Mason Jar Cups

Mason jars are the alpha and omega of crafting. Buy these here.

21. Ravens Wood Art

Buy it here.

22. 49ers Dog Hoodie

Buy it here.

23. Ravens Bling Buckle

It costs $395 (AKA a total steal). Buy it here.

24. And if you’re totally bipartisan/ don’t care at all, just dress your baby as a human football and call it a day.

Buy it here.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/alannaokun/the-24-best-super-bowl-crafts-you-can-buy

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